Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tips for NetApp SAN Administrators (1)

When creating volumes for intended use of LUNs, make sure space reserveration is turned ON for the LUNs (no thin provisioning), no snapshots enabled on the volume and remove snapshot reserve on the volumes. With this, you do not have to do the infamous-200% provisioning of storage space in NetApp world for LUN containing volumes.

* Turn off snapshots on the volumes containing LUNs only if you are not going to take any snapshots. If you have an application quiescent mechanism (e.g Oracle rman-hotbackup mode) then make sure you have the automatic snapshots turned off and you are taking snapshots in-line with the quiescing script.

Always create qtrees and then the LUNs within the qtree. This is particularly helpful if you plan on doing snapvault at some point.

To utilize A-SIS (NetApp's deduplication) , make sure you schedule A-SIS first and then the snapshots (or snapvault-snapshot). This will achieve in better space savings.

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